Bar Wings ‘N’ Yukon Chips

Crispy wings in your choice of sauce – Buzzard or Island-Style Maui – on a bed of crunchy Yukon kettle chips.

Bar Wings ‘N’ Yukon Chips (1/2 Order)

Crispy wings in your choice of sauce – Buzzard or Island-Style Maui – on a bed of crunchy Yukon kettle chips.

Cheddar Bacon Skins

Potato skins topped with melted Cheddar cheese & crisp bacon. Is there any other way?

Chili Chili™ Cheese Fries

The only way to top our Signature Steak Fries is with Red’s Chili Chili™, melted cheese, sizzling bacon, jalapeños and a side of ranch.

Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Dip

A classic. NOW even cheesier and more delicious.

Freshly Prepared Classic Sauces

Buzzard  Our signature wing sauce with a spicy kick.
Campfire  A creamy, tangy favorite.
Ranch  You know it. You love it.
Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce  A top secret sauce with zesty, smooth flavor.
Sweet & Spicy Ketchup  When regular ketchup just won’t do.
Thai Chili  Turn the flavor up with a perfect blend of spices.

Freshly Prepared Premium Sauces

Chipotle  Creamy with a kick, it’s a fiesta on your fry.
Roasted Green Chile  Savory with a little Southwestern giddy-up.
Smoked Bacon  Bacon makes everything better.

Substitute a premium sauce  50¢
Add a premium sauce  75¢

Guacamole, Salsa & Chips

Crispy sea salt tortilla chips served with the usual suspects.

Honest Hummus Plate

Our twist on a classic. Served with Yukon kettle chips, baby carrots and cucumbers.

Jump Starter Double (Pick 2)

Fresh-Fried Zucchini Sticks
Jalapeño Coins
Cheese Sticks
Sweet Potato Fries

Nacho Ordinary Chili Nachos

Onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños and tortilla chips smothered in Red’s Chili Chili™ and cheese.

Pretzel Bites

Warm, soft pretzel bites served alongside beer cheese dip.

RR’s Buzzard Wings®

Meaty, chicken wing basted with a fiery cayenne pepper sauce (sure to fan the flames of your desire)! Chilled celery & Bleu cheese dressing help keep things cool.

The O-Ring Shorty

Try the shorter version of our famous tower.

Towering Onion Rings®

A golden monument to elevated onion goodness standing 13 rings tall. Served with Campfire Sauce and ranch dressing.